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We are an organization that is dedicated to helping those in need

from Oxford, Mississippi.


We have been serving meals at the Stone Center since September of 2009.


What we do

Every week we provide a nutritious meal, but we do not stop there!

We also have a speaker or local organization join us with helpful information or services.

In the past some of these services have included:

In the past, entertainment has also been provided:

Eye screenings

Health checks

Simple financial planning

Department of Human Services in MS

Oxford Food Pantry 

Flu shots

Arts and crafts 

Musical Entertainment (Provided by local artists such a Luke and Amy Fisher)

Puppet shows (Provided by the Puppeteers from the Oxford Public Library)

Board Members

President Eleanor Davis

Vice President Anna Langley

Secretary Sarah McLellan

Treasurer Roane Grantham

Director of Meals Kelly Blackwood

Director of Supervisors Suzanne Helveston


Member at Large David Shelton

Member at Large Kristy Bridgers

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